Your network-connected assets are a big chunk of your business’s worth, and your data security team needs to be aware of the assets that are connected, as well as threats from which they need to protect these assets from, to make good risk management decisions and informed technology investments. Security testing enable businesses to identify their network-connected assets, detect imminent threats to these assets, learn how assets are vulnerable to attack, and also recognize the ill-fate of those assets if they were to remain exposed.

CloudPSO’s Security Testing service functions as a single independent platform for businesses to provide solution to all of their security testing needs, such as:

  • Managed vulnerability assessment

  • Penetration testing for networks

  • Penetration testing for applications

  • Database security testing

Many privately funded, as well as official studies show explosive increase in security breaches year-on-year. These breaches are not limited to data alone, but increasingly well-equipped Hackers are exploiting all types of vulnerabilities whether these reside in databases, networks or in applications, to secure illegitimate access. Correspondingly, businesses, organizations, Governments, and individuals are progressively realizing the need for pre-emptive security testing of their assets before they become connected. The challenge lies in planning for and procuring the right security testing services, that ensures:

  • Performing testing in a timely manner

  • Making testing an efficient activity rather than an impediment for the business

  • Consistently conducting value-driven testing across multiple asset types

  • Regimenting repeatable testing and reporting across asset types

  • Effectively managing multiple tests

  • Recommending fixes for vulnerabilities

  • Following up and retesting target assets

Security Testing Services from CloudPSO empowers IT and information security teams to adopt an efficient strategy for vulnerability management through automated vulnerability scanning across databases, networks and applications, as well as, comprehensive manual penetration testing of networks and applications.The Security Testing Service is offered as a comprehensive package which may be customized according to individual business needs, and may consist of a combination of few or all of the following services.

The primary service that includes comprehensive vulnerability scanning and extensive in-depth manual penetration testing across all asset types i.e. network, databases, and applications.

Detailed and value-driven reports are delivered presenting results of the security testing activities in an easy to understand layout.

Our security experts issue the most relevant and easiest to implement solution to vulnerabilities discovered during the security testing activities.

This service involves verification of security fixes to evaluate whether the recommended fixes have been correctly implemented and also re-evaluate any findings revealed in prior tests where possible.

This service allows you to have real-time access to your assets’ vulnerability status once a security testing cycle has been completed. The status of all assets are updated once a reported vulnerability is fixed and the assets become secure after re-evaluation.

In a nutshell, our Security Testing service secures your business investments by discovering and fixing security vulnerabilities with minimal upfront efforts or investments. It combines CloudPSO’s security testing expertise with industry-leading software tools, processes and best practices into a service model to reduce the risk, time and investment needed to deliver security assurance across all asset types and protect the business efficiently.