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Service Models

Learn how Cloudpso tailors service models uniquely for your business, bringing advanced solutions to drive your success.

Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation

Our IT staff augmentation services bridge skill gaps in your projects. Cloudpso provides expert resources, covering roles from software programming and UX/UI design to testing and DevOps engineering. Hire on an hourly basis, ensuring flexibility in project involvement without the commitment of full-time employees.

Self Managed Team

Self Managed Team

Accelerate your development initiatives with our dedicated teams. Cloudpso assembles skilled, pre-vetted IT talents to address skill gaps efficiently. From project management, business analysis, and development to QA and user training, our teams seamlessly integrate into your workflow. Choose the activities you want to outsource, maintaining control over your project’s direction.

Full Outsourcing

Full Outsourcing

Experience worry-free IT outsourcing with Cloudpso. Entrust us with your specific IT functions, and we'll manage them comprehensively, assuming full control and accountability. Full outsourcing transfers the responsibility for managing and executing entire processes to us. Cloudpso ensures quality and mitigates related risks, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Comprehensive Managed IT Offerings

At CloudPSO, we offer a comprehensive suite of managed IT services to ensure your business operates at its best. Our range of services covers every aspect of your IT infrastructure, leaving no room for worry. Here’s a breakdown of what we bring to the table:

Network Management

Our network experts take charge of your entire network infrastructure. We ensure it’s not only secure but also optimized for peak performance. From configuration and monitoring to troubleshooting, we’ve got your network covered.

Cloud Computing

We handle heavy lifting with the cloud. Our cloud solutions provide unmatched flexibility and scalability, allowing your business to adapt to changing needs effortlessly. We’ll guide you in choosing the right cloud strategy, whether it’s public, private, or hybrid.

Data Backup and Recovery

Data is your most valuable asset, and we treat it as such. Our data backup and recovery services are designed to protect your critical data from loss due to hardware failures, cyberattacks, or human errors. Count on us to ensure business continuity.

Patch Management Services

Staying up-to-date is crucial for security and performance. Our proactive patch management services keep your systems and software current, minimizing vulnerabilities and maximizing system reliability.

Dedicated Tier1 and Tier2 Service Desks

Our service desks are more than just support centers; they are dedicated teams of experts available 24/7 to address your IT issues promptly and professionally. From Tier 1 for basic inquiries to Tier 2 for more complex problems, we’ve got your back.

Professional IT Services

Our professional IT services at CloudPSO are designed to provide tailored solutions that adapt to every phase of your business. We understand that your business is unique, and its IT needs to evolve. That’s why our dedicated team of experts creates customized solutions aligned with your goals and budget.

Tools and Technologies

CloudPSO utilizes various tools to facilitate the development of software, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional results to clients


A versatile IT management tool used for monitoring, patching, and automation


An advanced antivirus solution that ensures data security by detecting and preventing cyber threats.

Cloud Affinity

Leading cloud platforms utilized for seamless cloud migrations and optimized deployments.

Monitoring & Analytics Tools

Industry-standard solutions which enable proactive monitoring and performance optimization.

Data Security and Compliance

Data security is a top priority at CloudPSO, and we ensure it through:

Robust Security Measures

Implementing industry-standard security practices to safeguard your data and systems against threats.

Compliance Expertise

Staying up to date with industry regulations and compliance standards, ensuring that your IT solutions adhere to legal requirements.

Data Encryption

Utilizing encryption techniques to protect sensitive data both in transit and at rest.

Regular Audits