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Google Compute Engine

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Google Cloud Engine or GCE is the cloud computing platform from Google that allows business to run their application(s) upon a pay-as-you-go model. The Google Cloud inventory is a broad cloud computing platform with a large spectrum of services ranging from Virtual Machines, Big Data analytics, Machine Learning, Storage, networking and everything else.

While AWS with its large number of users remains the favorite amongst a majority of developers, GCE is preferred for its rich networking attributes. Also, GCE appears to be a preferred platform for companies that want to run intensive and complex data for various purposes.

Irrespective of the type or size of your business data, you can rely on GCE for a great performance while being cost effective at the same time.

Google Compute Engine

How does Google Cloud Engine Work?

GCE provides Virtual Machines for businesses to host their data. These Virtual Machines house the instances that actually serve data to the users in real-time. Our architecture consultants would pick a specific number of instances for your app. This is done keeping performance and costs in mind.

There are a number of availability zones for GCE where you can pick a VM and get going. Depending on the traffic, your app is expecting, number of instances put into use may vary. For a basic app startup, we do not go beyond a couple of instances and SQL databases. However, if you expect a large number of users that is more than ten thousand, we may throw in additional instances, load balancers, CDNs etc.

If you run websites or app that receives traffic spikes in holidays or some particular time of the day, then a lot of other services can be put into use in your architecture. GCE has a lot of products and services for Big Data and Machine Learning that is great for technology companies wanting to make a mark in this direction.

Why use Google Cloud for your business?

  • Cost effective pricing model
  • Pay-as-you-go model
  • Large number of availability zones
  • Runs Docker containers with flawless networking
  • Effective Auto Scaling
  • Multi-scale VMs for all types of business needs
  • Great for DevOps and continuous integration for your firm.
  • User-friendly Dashboard and troubleshooting

CloudPSO has deployed a number of apps and websites on Google Cloud till date. Our consultants have got experience into all type of possible use-case scenario and app types. This makes us a preferred destination to offer managed cloud services for Google Cloud engine.

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