Highly secured, flexible, and scalable
Cloud Service Provider.

Cloud Services

Highly secured, flexible, and scalable Cloud Service Provider.

The challenges faced by businesses today require quick assessment and response to enable its survival and growth. Rapid adoption of cutting-edge technologies, processes and tools is essential for any business to survive and thrive. Cloud is the answer to all business concerns relating to the implementation of the modern IT infrastructure. By facilitating change to resolve in to the business model in minutes rather than months, cloud becomes the backbone of your business, giving birth to innovation, while significantly cutting down costs. It’s part of a new horizon, a new era in IT that combines cloud, mobility, and big data. The dawn of this new era is breaking now. And your new day can be today.

CloudPSO’s Managed Cloud Services enable your business to seamlessly adapt to radical transformation in your IT infrastructure and provide expert support in implementing and managing your new cloud based IT infrastructure.

Cloud Services

IT and business planners are increasingly considering a hybrid approach when it comes to new technology adoption and datacenter transformation – infrastructures that mixes both on-premise IT infrastructure and cloud based solutions in a balanced approach that most suits their business scenario. New research shows that an increasing number of businesses will implement both private and public cloud solutions to most efficiently extract the economic and operational benefits of these new technologies. While this approach and the employed solutions can offer great benefits for business users, they typically lead to addition of new layers of complexity in IT architecture, planning, implementation, and ongoing operations. As a result, businesses require comprehensive professional and support services that can help with setting up, management, and support for these new technologies and optimize IT operations moving forward.

Setting up your Cloud

Our cloud experts implement the cloud infrastructure according to your requirements and design. We work together with your IT teams to make sure you receive all the benefits that you aim for.

Managing your Cloud

To ensure responsive, reliable service and secure, consistent delivery, our experts monitor and manage day-to-day operations using a concerted approach, we constantly adjust our services to meet your changing business requirements.

Troubleshooting and Support

You avail round the clock technical support and assistance for all of your cloud related operations and problem resolution. We proactively seek all means to keep your IT infrastructure online.

Assuring Cloud Security

Security is the top most priority in our service offering. Our engineers have extensive expertise in securing data, and access to your IT infrastructure is protected using State-of-the-art tools and technologies.

For service providers, governments and businesses, CloudPSO’s Managed Cloud Services let you:

  • Gain access to world-class expertise and resources
  • Liberate your resources, attend to your core mission
  • Rely on trusted expertise for assured service availability and performance
  • Launch new services with confidence
  • Reduce total cost of ownership, better predict and control operating costs.

CloudPSO – Driving Innovation & Quality

No matter what you need, CloudPSO has always got you covered.