Case Study

Overview of Our Success Story with YouAttest

YouAttest is a cloud-based access review engine built from the ground-up to provide simple governance and compliance features for multiple identity Management systems and siloed apps.


Case Study Objective

A new company had to reduce expenses while maintaining extremely high standards of production, effectiveness, and quality.


CloudPSO faced following challenges:
  • 5The tool's development presented a substantial challenge and required a significant amount of R&D, top-tier developers, and man hours.
  • 5Maintenance and Quality Control: To make sure a product was impenetrable after it was produced, it required to be updated, audited, and tested on a regular basis. This necessitated continuous improvements, R&D, labor hours, and quality control.
  • 5The difficulty with the responsibilities was that the tool's development required financial capital that was completely out of bounds, and the tool's ongoing maintenance and management, as well as its marketing, were proving to be a blockage and a showstopper.


With its highly skilled, efficient, and multilingual resources, CloudPSO stepped in to help. These people were responsible for not just getting the product off the ground but also making sure it could be maintained and updated without any issues. The advertising for the goods and the YouAttest website speaks for itself. 

 And the pricing is practically 70% reduced for everything. 

CloudPSO is World class –the responsiveness, and professionalism is unparalleled in any contracted service I have ever employed. I enjoy working with CloudPSO for both engineering and Marketing. We rely on them.

Garret Grajek
CEO, YouAttest

Services from CloudPSO that YouAttest utilizes: 

Complete BackOffice & Technology Support

Software Development



Customer Support

Customer Success

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