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Ranking – Visibility – Clicks – Conversions.
It’s SEO time.

Outsource SEO to CloudPSO

Ranking – Visibility – Clicks – Conversions. It’s SEO time.

Do you require an SEO specialist or a team of SEO gurus? CloudPSO is an excellent place for finding talented and experienced search engine optimization experts to expand your marketing team and increase the visibility of your website(s).

Choose Your SEO Person’s Experience Level

Junior – Junior SEO specialists are graduates with up to 2 years of experience in the SEO field.

Intermediate – An SEO specialist at CloudPSO has around 2 – 5 years of relevant experience.

Senior – Senior SEO Specialists at CloudPSO have more than 5+ years of professional experience.

Our SEO specialists are experienced in:

  • Creating an SEO strategy tailored to the clients’ goals
  • Link building, rank tracking, keyword research, and writing meta tags are all aspects of content marketing.
  • Knowledge of various web optimization tools
  • Competitor analysis and technical audits are carried out.

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Want a graphic designer – or a team of designers – in the Philippines?

Toolkit of our SEO Professionals

Apart from these tools, SEO specialists are expected to have a good understanding of the following web technologies:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript (less common than HTML and CSS).

Guide to Hiring SEO Specialists at CloudPSO

  • At CloudPSO, it takes around 2-4 weeks to find an SEO expert.
  • Although not all SEO specialists are Google Analytics certified, the majority are familiar with a variety of website optimization tools.
  • This profile is typically an individual contributor who can work with little supervision.
  • SEO specialists are typically numerate, and they expect measurable performance reviews based on objective metrics/KPIs provided by their employer.
  • Some SEO specialists handle projects remotely or on a work-from-home basis. Expect a higher-than-average rate if you require them to work in an office 5 days a week, as transportation costs will be factored into their asking salaries.

Interested In Recruiting Efficient & Cost-Effective Team(s) With CloudPSO?

Schedule your free consultation session with CloudPSO’s multi-industry experts to find the right talent as per your business needs. Save yourself from all the hassle of recruitment chores and let CloudPSO get the best while you focus on the rest.

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